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Yep, Thor is now a woman

In an announcement this morning on The View, Marvel revealed that the character of Thor — the thunder god of Norse mythology made famous through decades of comics and most recently in the movies starring Chris Hemsworth — will become a woman.

"Thor, the God of Thunder, he messed up, and he’s no longer worthy to hold that damn hammer of his. For the first time in history, that hammer is being held by a woman," said host Whoopi Goldberg.

But it’s not the first time Thor has changed forms.

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Fatty Foods, Pretty Pictures: the dichotomous feelings created by Taco Bell’s social media

We all know in our hearts that, as delicious as it may be, a taco cradled in nacho cheese Doritos like a warm, newborn baby is probably not the best for our bodies. Let’s just break down one of the infamous items from Taco Bell’s swampy menu.


The Doritos Locos Taco Supreme:

  • 200 calories, 100 of which are from fat

  • 390 milligrams of sodium

  • only 9 grams of protein

If that is not enough to second guess your dinner plans then think about continuous lawsuits and complaints that have circled Taco Bell’s middle-school-lunch-time mystery meat.

When you are an almost graduate like myself, then you are also probably trying to work off that “freshman 15” that you keep gaining every year while also balancing that dwindling checkbook. It often becomes hard to decide what and where to eat. Taco Bell is like that reliable friend from high school that you text when your cool, new college friends are doing homework - easy and accessible. But let’s be honest, no one REALLY wants it. So the question becomes: How do they reel us in? It’s called off-the-chain social media. Their twitter swag is so on point that Aziz Ansari literally weeps at it’s glory. 

Exhibit #1 - 


Exhibit #2 - 


And, mother of all that is holy, exhibit #3 - 


I mean, come on - everyone loves Mean Girls.

Their witty and concise humor over Twitter leaves us gasping, it’s true, but the real culprit is Taco Bell’s Instagram (http://instagram.com/tacobell). Scrolling through you will notice that their photos are literally oozing that Danny Zuko/Bad Sandy coolness. They hit their audience directly in the pathos, begging us to join the band wagon to be part the “in crowd,” featuring classic images of fun in the sun with a taco in one hand and a Baja Blast in the other. 

But look closer, specifically at the last few weeks. Notice how you never see a full face? All photos are cropped so that only the abdomen and legs are shown or the models are wearing sunglasses. Or how their filters cover up any real skin tone pigments? Their photos are so nondescript in terms of who is consuming their products and that, my friends, is genius. No audience member feels left out or featured this way, therefore we can project ourselves onto those consuming. 

I’m sure by now your internal organs are bleeding by all of the twisting Taco Bell has done to it, both literally and figuratively. The want to consume, the aspiration to be cool, the need to save money, and the desire to stay fit really can stress a person out and Taco Bell’s social media is only exasperating the process.